Tord - 3 days in Limone

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After 3 days of skiing in Limone we are now just chillin’ in our beds and just feeling really tired. We skied Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. The first day wasnt so special but the other two days was really good! On Tuesday morning it snowed a lot and then when we arrived to the slope there were like 40cm of new snow. That was really nice, but the weather was just good in the morning so that was kinda sad. The last day we skied it hadn’t snowed anything more but the snow from yesterday was still there and the weather was really nice all day long. Just sunny all day. So the skiing in Limone was insane, sadly we had a little trouble with the cameras but that wasn’t a big deal.

We got some really nice pic’s for you this time also, so check em out! :D  

We found some nice places to get some nice shots but one thing that is pretty sad is that we didn’t found a good jump to make some tricks. We built 2 jumps but none of them was so good. The second one was pretty cool, we built it on a roof but the landing was so bad that we decided to leave that spot. It’s a shame that they didn’t had any jumps in the slope, but that’s how it is.

It feels pretty good but also a little sad that we are leaving soon. Just a few days left until we travel home. I don’t Look forward for the 21h that we are gonna spend on just traveling, we also have to wait really long for the trains and flight etc. so it’s a long way home.

Well that was everything for now!

Take care, ciao!

// Tord



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