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Hello everybody!
We want to notify all of you that the blog will be a whole lot more inactive from now on... This because our trip to Italy is now over! There won't really be much for us to share with you, we'll only edit the film from now on. But we will try to release a trailer a while before the premiere that will take place at our school when are supposed to present this project. We thought that it would be a fun thing to do if we have an opening night where some people will be the first to see it! The presentation is some day in the 19th week, and the same day as the presentation we will try to upload the movie online aswell! The waiting is long but it's not in vain! :D
Hereby we would like to propose our thanks to you, the followers, you have made this project So much funnier to work with! And for the record, we're not saying that the blog will be totally dead until the release of our trailer, but as soon as we post something here we will also tell you guys that on Facebook! So if you want to keep yourself updated and haven't already pressed "Like" on our facebook page then click  --->Here<---
We would also like to ask you to press the link down here which is a protest against Russias president Vladimir Putin, the movement is created by one of our mentors and students that are in the second grade of our school. Så press there an support them, put your finger up against Putin!        #fuckyouputin
We hope that you appreciate what we're doing here at the blog, we're doing something that we love and you response really means a lot.
Thanks for us!
//- Love & Tord