Love - Limone

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Day 1
Our first day in Limone was lots of fun, we had a fantastic morning with clear blue sky. It happened to be a very cloudy day actually, but the cool thing was that we were on such a big height that we ran above the clouds! Really cool when you suddenly found yourself in the middle of a cloud and couldn't see anything at all around you. I had to search for the sticks that marked the piste and that way find my way to the bottom. The offpist wasn't really what we wished for though, we arrived pretty early in the morning and the snow was too hard... Our thought was that the sun would soften it up later on the afternoon but it didn't. So basically we just strolled around searching for good spots for the following day. We found a really nice spot where we would like to take some photos and shoot some scenes but we hadn't got any time so we just hope that we can take it another day! The highest point of the ski system located on 2085 masl, I've been up higher than that but it was Tord first time on such heights so that was pretty fun! But as I said our day involved spot searching for future scenes mostly :)

Day 2
It was snowing alot tonight, I have no idea of the exact amount but it was at least 40 cm powder in Limone! It was wonderful and there was limitless offpist! There was a problem though, the wind was way too strong at the higher altitudes and we rode in heavy clouds... So we kept us on lower altitudes, but that didn't made any large difference to me because the powder was absolutely magnificently! I've never seen anything like it, so much snow and so many places to ride on! So we grasped the opportunity and recorded alot, many scenes with the GoPro in the powder etc so tomorrow we will try to get more scenes with jumps. We actually built a jump today, we placed in a hill that was too steep though so we jumped one time each an then decided to move on haha... This was on the afternoon and the system was about to close down so we went up one last time and searched new spots to build a jump on! I really hope that the snow is the same tomorrow, and hopefully a bit better weather so we can go up to the ruins where we're planing to record some scenes!

Day 3
The day gave us the best weather you can imagine and the powder was as good as yesterday! Best day of the trip :) We recorded alot today, we found a smooth drop where we rode. A bit boring though that we haven't recorded any jumps, the reason was because the first jump was as I said too steep. Instead we built another jump on some kind of roof, again we had big troubles with the landning so no scenes there either... Our last idea was the jump park in Limone, but it wasn't completed yet and they had a smaller temporary park instead. But that one was closed... Therefore we shooted alot of offpist scenes today as well, and we got some really nice scenes! We got a fantastic day with the best skiing I've ever experienced! So finally I can just relax and let the pain in my legs take over and keep me in bed the whole night..

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//- Love